Travel to Nepal

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First wanted to back in Malaysia, on the way back to live in Singapore, and then began to wonder – Is it worth it? Belly warm I still have time, but to see something new, try something that has not ever tried – wow, that’s interesting.

And quite unexpectedly for me to draw a tour to Nepal.

I was all arranged, and the husband was not against it. Turned a lot of literature and decided: I fly!

However, it was very scary, some unfamiliar words: trekking, rafting, safari. But Anya, the organizer of the tour, said: If not now, when? So I decided.

So, we fly. Group saw first at Sheremetyevo…

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Nepal or notes in the girls singles cruise.

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ell, let's start all over again. It all started like this: I want to Cambodia and Angkor Wat want to see, but not a lot of money …. Aimless unrest on an Internet …. STOP! Nepal! 8 of the 14 highest mountains of the world! And I love the mountains! Yes, even identity, the official religion – Hinduism …. We have to go look. Of course, she knew about the existence of Nepal for a long time, just an irresistible desire to travel, there was just now. Basically, about two months is enough for ABSOLUTE your profile, so that stirs Ineta and interacting with people who used to come in Nepal,…

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Travel stories about Africa

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ell, now a little about Africa?

Yeah, well … Few in childhood has not dreamed of Africa … Creativity Chukovsky grandfather left his mark in the hearts and minds of several generations of Soviet people … (laughs).

But seriously – Africa for both me and for my friends from the team "Ekvites" is the most exotic and mysterious continent. A fantastic variety of climatic zones, a lot of amazing animals … and people … Africans – amazing people … Actually, the people – because there is a countless number of different tribes living … Though we have traveled…

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Everest from the plane and see good

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vercast August day of departure from Moscow. Departure from Domodedovo named in the afternoon, and the countdown has begun …. Qatar Airways on the rack she carefully weighs the bag markings and tags on (to Kathmandu). Preparing for the trip to a mysterious place, and on an unknown airline. Everything soon becomes clear as soon as you find yourself in the new Airbus and see friendly faces stewardesses. The tiny state of Qatar with a population of less than one million people decided to send its oil windfall to good business and become one of the leading aviaderzhav world. As if "by…

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The aim – to reach Nepal

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art one. St. Petersburg-Pakistan

Root of the way.

Starting from m Moscow. Andrew Hikolaevich, with a lady who appeared at the venue, called me a bastard for the purpose of the meeting on the outskirts of the city. All live in the civilian world. My decision was due to just – I started to work without going home. As our transportation advocates shabby Five '94. A few minutes later came formation of Andrei – the parents and what is relative. Skeptically examining the car, we wish good luck and we went to Moscow. Has four. I, Andrew, and Dima to Galya. It turned out…

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Travel stories about Africa. Part 2

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ut on the whole your journey – this is a stress on the body …

From time to time – perhaps … a little bit. For example, when the desert on a dry hunger going. But since nothing terrible has happened … Maybe the stress, but somehow we have not suffered from it … And all – fun!

Incidentally, a lot of talk about the devastating effect of stress on the human body. And many of the diseases attributed to the influence of stress. However, there is another view – the beneficial effect of stress on the body … As an expert on survival in extreme situations, what can…

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Maratika-Cave of Immortality

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aratika – CAVE, the giver of Immortality

The Himalayas, the kingdom of Nepal. Behind the anxious days of cold in Moscow in October, the events of the counter-terrorist operation to free hostages illuminated as Indian and local press.

Each time, returning to Kathmandu, the city, from which originate all major routes in the Himalayas, as if confronted with a fixed time, a feeling that this time has the physical appearance of the paintings zapechetlenny Dali. But today, it is felt particularly acutely in the streets did not mind all the dead. The once-crowded, swarming…

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