The island of Sal

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ad archipelago of Cabo Verde, has nine children-children and one spoiled islands of my child – the island of Sal. We decided to develop tourism there, seriously, in a big way, with state support. Allowed foreign investors, sanctioned tax breaks, simplified visa regime, the airport in the level of international standards, debugged, the necessary infrastructure acquired. Everything else has made entrepreneurial activity and investment interest in the British, Germans, Italians and French. All of this fraternity, the ebb of the fusion of European money, advertising and the Internet, giving it a high favor probe tourism, service and developed a decent variety of hanging out. In this case, only by strengthening the capacity of investment attractiveness of the island. The appearance of many jobs in tourism, catering and entertainment, as well as the rapid development of construction industry (hotels and B of the European level), resulted in the growth of real incomes (as figachu Grevcheg). Tourism and construction projects have generated a huge influx of foreign workers from the former sister-colony of Angola, Senegal, neighbor, and rest of the population, driven by poverty, lawlessness and deprivation in Africa, hoping to earn a piece of … bananas. The island of Sal seemed to me a kind of circle of interest: some whites have a business, others are white and come to spend money just to live in their acquired before, at home, kaboverdiytsy – fish, drive a boat and work as servants, Senegalese – selling souvenirs and build houses for the new White and accidentally "Hrazdan" their own. The second and third group of build pricing for the first, so that they in any case did not feel that they are somewhere outside of Europe. The island of Sal – is not Cabo Verde, is the reservation, where peacefully under the watchful eye of police co-exist, forming the indestructible conglomerate, wealth, endless poverty and opportunism …

Officially entered in the following paragraph kaboverdiyskuyu land border control, have changed the coin, just in case. There was more knowledge about the infinite circulation of the euro. We left the airport at night and nearly knocked his head against the stars from fatigue and dullness aimlessly went 300 meters down the road. A cold wind interrupted the march to nowhere, aired on the head tupnyaka recalling that from the airport get a taxi. Go back to the portal Arrival. Tasuyuschegosya find a taxi driver, interested in what he carries. The airport is located near the town of Espargos, which is 18 kilometers from the destination – a tourist village in the reserve Santa Maria. A young guy with a big smile told that the Santa Maria to carry for 1,000 escudos, prudently rejected my proposal to bring in 800 or 900. The established fee is unwavering and is not negotiable in any day or at night. While we were like crazy staring at the stars, looking for the mother bear's eyes. Beat up the door for a minute or two, were taken by the hotel. There is no registration and additional hassle. They said that they say we are from Russia and we booked a room and were immediately taken to the bedchamber at night shuffling guardian.

Hotel Santa Maria Beach was recommended to us English-speaking Internet as the best for price / quality ratio and had a continental breakfast and proximity to the ocean and the cost of 1st nights for 48 euros Double Room. The hotel is simple, but cozy. On the morning rushed to look at the ocean to join the life of the islanders, and swim.

Water in Africa, the most valuable, and on the island, devoid of natural fresh water for a long life without it is simply dangerous. The cost of the bottle of water costs an average of 60 to 100 escudos. On the way to the center falls hunger. We share a meal in the restaurant, which graze the Italians. The average price of main courses ranging from 600 to 1,300 escudos. Fully and carefully to one person you can dine for 2000 crowns. Kitchen restaurants Cabo Verde simple and nourishing. It consists of three kinds of salads, roasted animals, birds and rybyatiny. The traditional dish is Cachupa – a concoction of beans, corn, and others known to the world of vegetables. Served mixed with pieces of fish or small sausages. We leaned exclusively on fish, consuming tuna (Tuna fish), grouper (Grouper) and wahoo (Wahoo). Wahoo rules! I recommend strongly!

Walking past the souvenir market traders were attacked by smiling, whose task is simple – through all the possible languages ​​in the world to pull in his shop. Typical zazyvalochka is as follows. Who first caught sight of a white immediately goes to meet him, smiling and greeting otveshivaya says, "Ma Frente! Luk et ma Factory! "Calling their shops factories are trying to fill the price, hanging noodles on the ears, as if all gifts made themselves. How to sew only one saying «No, Thanks» or «Obrigado», followed by the other flies, the same is not clever suggestions. This kind of pipe is provided, while driving down the main street. As long as you're not remembered, will be offered until you're blue. At first it podbeshivalo, and then relax – well, that nervous, they are at work, you must understand. For decency once divorced on «Factory», did the first time in Cabo, we must pay tribute. The usual gift shop, filled with 80 percent of goods not kaboverdiyskogo production. Some monkeys, rhinos, elephants, figurines of women, masks, beads placer of Chinese plastic. All the same as seen in Tunisia. A feeling that floats around Africa, a huge barge packed with these govnischem and unloads at each port of a typical batch of goods. We bought a turtle, still the symbol of Cabo Verde. The prices, I suspect? as well as throughout Africa, souvenirs are set at "All for you, white sucker!", ie unreasonably high. The logic is simple pricing. If you went white, then buy it, the fact that there is money. Otherwise, what do white with no money in Africa? Some did not get the correct white, some wonderful. Bargaining is useless, because what for wasting time, if the white and the other will buy, even after six months, but will buy it. How can a trader clapped eyes in surprise when I told him that the price of 50 euros for a small dusty wooden figurines, a few high! It did not help him the most terrible spell «It's the best price for you, may friend!» Strange, these are white. Reached the central square, which before the church, on which stood the symbol of which is unclear.