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round noon, May 29, 1953 two climbers, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing

Norgey0, came to the summit of Everest and stayed there for fifteen minutes.

Like all conquerors of peaks, they shook hands, made the imagery

and admired the view from the top opening, and then went to

way back. And down there, waiting for their new life. This is especially

belonged to Tenzing. He went to the assault of Everest simple man, and

returned to a hero. And he, like many others before him had to know everything

joy and all the tests associated with the title of hero.

Resident of the West is hard to imagine what it means for today Tenzing

people of the East. This suggests a comparison with Charles Lindbergh, but even

Lindbergh at the height of his fame was not the subject of true worship.

Meanwhile, Tenzing in the eyes of millions of inhabitants of the East – a living deity,

incarnation of Shiva or Buddha. For millions of others, rather sophisticated,

not to confuse people with the gods, he is very prominent death

people. In the literal and figurative sense, Tenzing, climbing Mount Everest, climbed to the

the heavens, in fact, he was the first in the history of Asian people from the simple

People, who won worldwide fame and glory. Asians saw

in his deed, not only the greatest victory over the top, but the rainbow

omen for himself and his entire race. Even today the name of Tenzing became

in the stories and songs that can be heard all over the East. Already

Today it is covered with legends and myths.

Here he stands in the snow in an oxygen mask – Tenzing-hero, the legendary

Tenzing, impersonal character movest up flags on the top of the ground. Well

possible that this image will remain in people's memory the longest.

However, under an oxygen mask and feather clothes and other hidden Tenzing

- This is what Tenzing, not all the vaunted winner

he says in his book. "I'm still the same old Tenzing"

- He concludes. And this is true, luckily for us, because the "old Tenzing"

not a "legend", not "famous", is in itself remarkable


Everest conqueror describe generally homely, but it's wrong.

Perhaps it seems so close to Hillary tall, in fact,

Tenzing strong proportioned man is above average height.

The word "unsightly" and does not apply to his temperament. He has no

narrow or limited or provincial – nothing of what made

link to view the villagers or Gorce. The same can be said

to a certain extent about all the tribe of Sherpas. Sherpas are the easiest way

life and most of them are illiterate (as there is no sherpskoy

writing), however due to the special nature of work and long-time contact

with the outside world they were the color of the Himalayan mountaineers. Tenzing – the color of the

color, have a pleasant appearance, foldable figure. The person moving the eyes

fresh and clear, sharp language and mind, a winning smile. Let his favorite

drink – tea or sherpsky chang, he himself champagne. Endowed with light and

a light heart, it all boils with energy. He is an elusive quality is inherent,

which can be called a breed.

Now Tenzing traveled a lot. He learned different countries and different languages.

He loves good food, good clothes and prosperous life, fun

company. He is very inquisitive and hungry for new experiences. However, the

some acquired habits Tenzing did not prevent him to keep in

integrity of its natural qualities. There is no hint of falsity and

arrogance that so often accompany an unexpected success. "Old" and

"New" Tenzing is equally distinguished by tact and self-consciousness

dignity, courtesy and generosity, he is not only a natural

climber, but an innate gentleman.

In his new home in Darjeeling life abounds. His wife runs the entire

Tenzing – Ang Lamu, a complete on-girlish laughter-loving, lively woman with a

piercing eyes. They live two daughters, two nieces, how much-

and sisters-law, and even in the house are always guests and relatives of these

guests who come and go as they please. Everywhere

dog. On the tables and walls – albums clippings, photographs, memorabilia

gizmos. Often the top, from the second floor, heard the sound of singing and prayer

bell: there is a Buddhist chapel, which manages one of the

-law, the llama. In the first floor at any time of day someone always drinks

tea. And in the middle of all this he Tenzing, a lively, friendly, a little

embarrassed by everything that happened. Sometimes it seems, honor, he said at the time

several languages. His dark eyes shine, shine strong white teeth. You

involuntarily pay attention to these teeth, because he smiles often.

Often, but not always. Sometimes, the smile left his face. External world

invades his home aggressively, relentlessly: the crowd of admirers become

too intrusive. Curious and worship, envious, and searchers

gain a solid ring around Tenzing, and it seems that he and his

House is about to be crushed by their pressure. In one case, Tenzing did not

withstood it all and seriously ill. Subsequently, the pressure a little bit

pooslab, but it remains the case that it takes a threatening nature. In

such moments, the conqueror of Mount Everest is no longer just be yourself.

Ease of connectedness is replaced. Tightly compressed lips, eyes

hunted beast … So it seems that he now will turn and run away

Up on the hillside like a "terrible snow man."

Tenzing is paying the price for his fame, is paying off. Speaking of his

words, he is a beast in the zoo, fish in the aquarium. And if the tank

Tenzing exposes to the public, it keeps it at the same time

position of the prisoner. Other Sherpas, his friends, go to the newer

expedition, but Tenzing is not with them anymore. He now live better than

them, but at the same time, and worse, among the crowd and the noise he was alone. Tenzing

paying not only for glory, but for what it is is what it

there. Do not be so intelligent and Tenzing bit, he would have been happier.

Like most of his compatriots, Tenzing has

formal education. However, his knowledge about the world and the people

observation and loyalty judgments can make many blush

people who passed through the machine of higher education. This is particularly clear

has been reported for Tenzing to political tricks and all sorts of

attempts to use his name after he came back a winner

Everest. He does not want to perform a supporter of any direction or

some propaganda, racial prejudice, or clamorous nationalism.

Whatever the label may try to stick to it, it is just a man.

Life is full of coincidences. There are a lot of random characters, small,

ordinary people who happen to be at an appropriate time in the

right place and the circumstances which have brought to the world stage. But

Sherpa Tenzing Norgay did not apply to such people. Everyone who reads this

the book will see that it is not by chance that he ascended to the summit of Everest.

Once upon a time, William Blake wrote: "Tiger! Tiger! Bright flame …", but

created by the imagination of the poet king of forests was not brighter than the living, the present

"Snow tiger" of our time. In his heart a flame is lit Tenzing, amazingly bright

and clean, which can not repay any storm of any nature, nor in

society. The dream and desire, the will to fight, pride and humility – that's what

sparked his soul, and eventually, when the goal was achieved, a victory

won the first place was modest. . When Tenzing stepped onto the

top of the world, his heart filled thanks to Everest. Today he

dreams about that in the future, his life was worthy of Everest. If all the

the above will make the reader think that I am to some extent

Tenzing is in love with, it is to this impression and I wanted to. Of course, the

mountains, and people climbing on them, all my weakness, but I

think that, had it not been for this weakness, I do not know anything about Everest, I

will not be able to pass by rare, remarkable qualities of this man.

As he says in the end, the birth of the book was associated with known

difficulties. Many difficulties had to be overcome before we can

get together at his house in Darjeeling. But in the end we met.

The result is before you. And no matter, as will be appreciated our

cooperation, I am already fully rewarded because they have no work

did not bring me such satisfaction. I did not count hours, we have

spent together, but there were hundreds – first in India, then in the Swiss

Alps, where Tenzing visited in the summer of 1954. In difficult cases, we helped

his faithful friend, assistant and translator Rabindranath Mitra. However, the

Tenzing is now himself is well explained in English, so that he could

tell a large part of its history, without translation. The story of his

nature and in full conformity with the nature of the narrator is very simple.

It does not, at least as far as I can see no Freudian motifs. And

The reader can not doubt that Tenzing always and in all sincerity,

whether he spoke about the people of the mountains or of God. Mountain and the god, as you will quickly

find strongly connected to his understanding of each other, and the internal merger

Tenzing with them became so close that sometimes they are difficult to separate. He

climbed high mountains, feeling like a pilgrimage to the

holy places and returned to his home. As the body of Tenzing

was close to the top of his soul closer to God.

"What makes a man to storm the top?" – Says an old question.

Many generations of white men tried in vain to find the answer. With regard to

Tenzing, then do not look for any words all his life is the answer.

To "end this introductory remarks inscribed the following lines.

It's time to retire him in the shade, let Tenzing himself tells the story of his

of life. This is the story of the hero, not imaginary, not a fake, is not accidental -

a true hero. It seems, however, that this is not limited to the value

books: a history of a member of our great human family, we all

can be proud of.

James Ramsay Ullman


on behalf of the Sherpas and climbers all over the world. Tenzing {}

PATH has been long

I am often reminded of that morning in camp 9. We spent the night at Hillary

small tent at an altitude of 8500 meters – the highest altitude at which

man ever slept. The night was cold. Boots by Hillary zadubeli

frost, but we ourselves almost numb. But when we are at the dawn crept out of the

tent outside, there is almost no wind. The sky is clear and cloudless. This is good.

We're looking up. Week after week, month after month, we only

do that we look up. Here it is, the top of Everest! But now it looks

differently to it so close at hand – only three hundred meters. This is not

dream, soaring high into the clouds, but something real and tangible – stones and

snow, which can be untouched by human hands. We're going to go. We

need to take the top. At this time we have with God's help reach the goal.

Then I look down. The whole world spread out at our feet. On the west -

Nuptse, South – Lhotse, to the east – Makalu, high mountain peaks, and for

them lined up hundreds of others, and they are all below us. Just down the ridge,

six hundred feet below, is South Col, where our friends are waiting:

sahiby1 Lowe and Gregory and Sherpa Ang Nyima young. They helped us yesterday

to get to camp 9. In the saddle visible white wall of Lhotse, and at its foot

- Western circus, where they remained at base camp the other participants

expedition. From the West circus comes down waterfall, further extends

Khumbu Glacier. I see that Hillary is also looking in the wrong direction, and show

hand. Below the glacier, at 4800 meters below us, barely could be seen in the twilight

the light of an ancient monastery Tengboche.

For Hillary it probably has little meaning. For a man from the West is

just a strange lonely place in a distant foreign country. And for

I have a homeland. For Tengboche stretch of the valley and the village of Solu Khumbu, in

this land I was born and raised. On steep slopes above them, I climbed

boy, when he left his father's herd of yaks. My home just around the corner

from here. It seems you can reach out and touch him. But at the same

the time he was so far away, much farther than 4800 meters. When we are on the navyuchivaem

oxygen cylinders themselves, I think the boy is so close to and

however, so far, which has never heard of oxygen, but it is not

at least looked at the mountain and dreamed.

Next, we turn our face to Hillary to the top and start lifting.

Many miles and many years passed I have to find yourself here.