Ayurveda and we

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yurveda – a sophisticated system of healing that you have practiced for thousands of years ago in India and around the (now very common in Sri Lanka). It is rooted in the Vedic times, and today Ayurvedic centers in high demand, especially among visitors from the west.

What we know about Ayurveda?

Ayurveda, as it is to repeat, is the science of life. On the right, healthy and favorable lifestyle. For this axiom should be a set of stamps. For example, it is believed that Ayurveda treats mostly herbal medicines. But the plant only part of a vast arsenal,…

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Nepal: Economy

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epal's gross domestic product (GDP) for the year 2008 was estimated at more than a billion US $ 12 (adjusted to nominal GDP), making it the 115th largest economy in the world. Accounts for Agriculture for about 40% of the GDP of Nepal, services include a 41% and industry 22%. Agriculture uses 76% of the workforce, services 18% and manufacturing / craft-based industry 6%. Agricultural products – mostly grown in Terairegion bordering India – includes tea, rice, corn, wheat, sugarcane, root crops, milk, meat and water buffalo. Industry mainly involves the processing of agricultural products…

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Nepal: Government and politics

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or the past two decades, Nepal has seen rapid political changes. Until 1990, Nepal was a monarchy, running under the executive control of the king. Faced with the Communist movement against the absolute monarchy, King Birendra, in 1990, agreed to large-scale political reforms by creating a parliamentary monarchy with the king as head of state and prime minister as head of government. Nepal was also known for its recent rate of development, such as being one of the few countries in Asia to abolish the death penalty and the first country in Asia to make a decision in favor of same-sex marriage,…

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NEPAL. The path to the unknown.

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aving overcome the thousands of kilometers cleaving the clouds, your plane lands at the airport mysterious Nepal. Going down the ramp, you will immediately feel the unique flavor of mountain honey and delicious spices. Being the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu, you will immediately realize that not in vain did the trip.

Kathmandu city is large enough, harmoniously combining frantic pace of modern life and the charm of the past. The narrow streets of the amazing variety of architecture, hundreds of churches, cultural facilities and a small living, it would seem, their lives leaving…

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Program on Nepal: "Rates of meditation in a Buddhist monastery Copan"

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opan Monastery is located just north Bouddanatha – one of the major Buddhist shrines of the Kathmandu Valley. Today at Copan in nearby convent Khachoe Ghaky Ling lived and trained about 450 monks, most of which – Nepalese and Tibetans. The first meditation courses for immigrants have been started in a monastery in the early 1970s. Since then, hundreds of Europeans arrived in Copan throughout the year. The monastery is justly deserved the epithet "spiritual oasis" in Kathmandu.

Courses lasting 7-10 days are held regularly throughout the year, on average, once every…

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10 mumbling about interesting places for children

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ictoria and Alfred Voterfrant (Cape Town)

The world-famous shopping and entertainment complex in the port of Cape Town. This place is as if created for a family holiday. You can visit the Oceanarium, which presents more than 300 species of fish, bush kelpa (one of five in the world), seals, penguins, cinema (IMAX); museums, hall of colored stones – skrech-pech. It is also possible with the children to make a sea cruise or just watching on the pier of living seals. Very fun and on the waterfront, where the numerous musical and theatrical performances. And for parents, too, there…

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Bikram Sambath, Nepal! – Happy New Year, Nepal!

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elcome it, along with national flags of Belarus and Nepal, it was not usual for one of the halls of the Minsk Regional Library. Pushkin. Translated from the Nepali language read: "Happy New Year, Nepal!" And on the calendar of this small country in the heart of the Himalayas in 2056 the parish was listed …

The traditions of the ancient people of the modern relationship between Belarus and Nepal, and said in an interview with the correspondent of "Evening Minsk" President of the Association of Nepalese businessmen in the countries of CIS, Mr. Upendra Mahat:

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