The aim – to reach Nepal. Part 2

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ran. Plain. Extension

Generally, Iranian remote places like Dagestan and Azerbaijan. Houses and yards are very similar. Only then, almost every fence that is written in Farsi. The bus drove near the mountain range. The slopes are also used peasants. Ha it that it is growing, and here and there, one can see the apiary. Andrew asked to pay attention to the fact that so valuable in our windows do here on the street, and they stand in any shack. Farmers cultivate rice fields tillers on massive metal wheels in slush poluutopayuschih. The marking and road signs are easy and look like…

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Stupa: a symbol of the nature of mind

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tupas – monuments are conducive to the maintenance of peace in the world. This architecture, in a perfect form of expressing the pure nature of mind, enlightenment. They were built millennia ago in Asia and have a positive impact on the force field of the universe. In recent years, and in other parts of the world in many places were built stupas – from small to more than 25 meters in height, such as France and Hungary. Stupas emit a large attraction. Many people want to get more information about the symbolism of stupas, especially if they know about the power of their blessings from experience….

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Ancient cultures of Tropical Africa

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he fact that the formation of ancient Ghana is usually associated with the needs of trans-Saharan trade. But now it becomes apparent that long before the appearance of Ghana and the formation of large-scale trade across the desert in the middle reaches of the Niger has grown quite complex and organized economic center with a developed system of exchange, were involved in agricultural products, iron, copper and articles thereof, and products of pastoral farming , while the iron in these exchanges was preceded by a copper. These data allow us to understand the true ratio of internal and external…

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Trekking in Upper Mustang

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lpine principality of Upper Mustang has been completely closed to visits by Europeans until 1992. Here, the most pronounced form of this culture is preserved in Tibet: one in which miracles are quietly in their daily lives. Roadside mani walls and chorten, ancient gompa, built by the great mystics, people whose lives are flowing as well as a few centuries ago – all that mysterious principality of Mustang, the real mystery of Tibet. The track is associated with certain physical activities, but it is accessible to everyone who is in satisfactory physical condition. Welcome to the Mustang…

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Nepal. A sketch from nature.

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he first impression of Kathmandu – the capital of Nepal – aromatic, this city has its own unique atmosphere in the literal sense. The boundary between "fragrance" and "stink" is quite blurred, smells waves follow each other as they move through its neighborhoods.

These thoughts come into my head while I was eating in a little yellow taxi from the airport to the hotel, rhythmically banging his head on the ceiling. The machine is rushing on the counter, chadit mercilessly, driver honk moving on the belt tractor, demanding to give way. He does it because right…

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Customs and traditions of Nepal

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irtually all of life is based on the Nepalese religious dogmas and regulations. Officially, Nepal is a Hindu country, but in practice the local religion is a complex syncretic cult that is based on Hinduism and Buddhism, with a vast pantheon of Tantric deities, each of which is believed to have influence on human life. Therefore, located throughout the monasteries and stupas are essential in the life of Nepalese – here he is sure spends some part of his life are concentrated here, and the spiritual life of the country. The whole life of ordinary Nepalese constructed on the basis of a huge…

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"The adventure" in Nepal. Fall 2006.

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ovember 20, 2006. completed the work of the club "Adventure Time" (St. Petersburg) in Nepal. Two groups fully complied with the declared program and received an unforgettable emotions.

Nepal – a fascinating country, leave no one indifferent. Most of the participants expressed their firm intention to come here again …

TRACKING TO Annapurna.

Trekking along the Modi-Khola in the heart of the mountain Annapurna-strong impression for those who first came to the Himalayas.

Highland village Chomrong (2170 m) was the culmination of a five-day…

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