Cape Verde – Cape Verde …

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xplore, relax, socialize. This Cape Verde (Cape Verde) – Cape Verde Islands. Ocean wave and wind – the breath of the Atlantic. This is Freedom.

Touching the question "How do I get to the Republic of Cabo Verde mere mortal Russian?" Began laboriously and in advance. Tired of conflicting information timatikov, English-speaking forums and quasi-officials, made a phone call to the Embassy of the Republic of Cabo Verde in Russia, where he received the following reply: "Now, in the absence of the consular department, we do not issue visas. These functions are performed…

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otswana – is the real Africa, with its unique natural phenomena of the country where the Okavango River delta is lost in the sands of the Kalahari Desert. Botswana – the birthplace of the Limpopo River, familiar to every child with a verse by verse Kornei Chukovsky. Here the traveler is a rare opportunity to see Africa the way it was before the arrival of Europeans.

The vast territory inhabited by wild animals and birds, there are few roads, so to some places only accessible by air. In the Okavango Delta and the aircraft can not land anywhere, so explore this amazing place can…

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Trekking in the big ring around the Annapurna massif

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rogram is one of the most popular trekking route leads us to the national park "Annapurna", located at the foot of the mountain massif of the same name. The park is extremely picturesque: a small area centered a few giant peaks – Annapurna I (8091 m), Dhaulagiri (8167 m), Tilicho (7132 m), Nilgiri (6940 m), Machapuchchare (6997 m). The magnificent nature, ancient Buddhist monasteries, friendly Sherpas – all park "Annapurna," one of the most beautiful corners of this amazing country. Unconditional culmination of the route – the ascent to the pass Torung La (5416 m), which…

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Journey to Nepal 3

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There you can. The choice of national cuisines is huge. Tourists are even fed beef. And where the meat? After all, the local constitution forbids killing cows in Nepal (20 years in prison). It turns out that beef is imported from neighboring India, where cows slaughtered Muslims. Allah does not prohibit the killing of these sacred animals. Most often, eat Thai food. The only problem – is the ability to din into the receiving order, the food should not be such that you begin to frantically grab a glass of water or a small piece of meat zazhevyvat whole loaf. Meeting his eyes…

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All of the Himalayan peaks from Annapurna to Everest

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pening amazing distant countries presents us with some of the best experiences in my life. This program – a rare opportunity to see the mysterious worlds of the mountain of Nepal and Tibet, which arise from above by snow-capped Himalayan peaks, exotic touch to the culture – and at the same pu-teshestvovat in comfort and style. On the whole two weeks we completely immerse ourselves in the unusual-ing the atmosphere of these places. Introduction to Nepal and Tibet – the best reason for retur


Departure from Moscow at 19:25 of the Sheremetyevo-2 airport, scheduled…

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The story of Africa and Blacks: South Africa and Zambia

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ust yesterday, came home, thinking in my head all mixed up, but will try to explain, while still fresh.

Tickets have been bought for a couple of months before the flight. Emirates to Dzhoburga (Johannesburg) and costs approximately about 27,000 rubles per person.

Then buy "on the Internet," the 16-day self-drive tour travel agency, located in Pretoria, the price of about 5 thousand dollars., Including accommodations, round-trip flights from Dzhoburga to Zambia and Cape Town, and also for rent in wheelbarrows and Dzhoburge Kapshtate (Cape Town) on days 5…

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Travel to Nepal

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quot;To travel, to explore and learn – it means to live. World is big, and you will not see all at once, even from the top of Mount Everest"

Tenzing Norgay, Sherpa, 29 May 1953 with the first Edmund Hillary climbed Mount Everest

Twenty-four hours on the road because of the machinations of bin Laden

I never thought that the machinations of international terrorists can so directly affect our personal agendas. Yeah, something is indeed there in the recently invented by the banality of "The world is becoming interconnected." Simply put, due…

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